Balsamo's is an independent pizza shop striving to provide great food at a good price thus giving our customers a great value... we are not corporate owned so we live up to our own set of standards.  our policies are in place to ensure that we live up to said standards and if you do not agree with our policies or practices then by all means you are more than welcome to shop elsewhere.  thank you for understanding.

Please understand that all delivery times are approximate. We would love to have your food to your door in 125 minutes every time if that was possible. Please take into account that you are not the only order that we are in the process of making and delivering. Also deepening on the tie o day traffic can be a major factor as is weather. It is always faster to pick your food up. Pick up times range from 10 to 30 mins and delivery times can range from 30 to 60 minutes. We try our hardest to get your food there as fast as possible and as hot as possible but please be aware that we may not refund or credit you for cold food. Each drive ruses a hot bag and as stated before, pickups are always faster and delivery times are always approximate. Thank You.

Every order that we take whether over the phone or at our counter is repeated back to the customer. Every order every time. If the order is received by the customer and something is not correct we check the order slip. If the items are as stated on the order slip then the order is correct. We repeat every order back to make sure that the customer is aware of they are ordering. We understand that sometimes a customer is doing something else when ordering and mistakes may happen. We are not responsible for those mistakes. PLEASE pay attention when the order taker is repeating your order back to you. We will not refund or replace food that was made according to the slip correctly. Thank you.

Once an order is placed it may not be able to be cancelled. If the food has already started to cook you CANNOT cancel an order. If you have prepaid using a credit card and we do not make an exception and cancelling the order, you will NOT be refunded for the order. If you cancel an order that was not prepaid and we have address and phone number information from you, and you refuse to accept and pay for the order: legal action may be taken against you. The police can be called if that is our decision. When you place an order you are expected to pay for said order. Thank you.

Each and every menu items has a list of ingredients/descriptions on our menu which can be viewed in store, online and can be taken home in print. We are not responsible for the customer being aware of what is on our food items. Every restraint makes things differently. You may always read our menu or ask us personally what is on an item before you order it. Weil we not replace or refund food that was made normally when the customer was not aware of that is came like that. Thank You.

IT is our policy for each and every customer to pay for their order when placed in store. An order will not be made until it is paid for. Thank You.

Always count your change before you leave our counter and/or before the delivery driver leaves your door. We are NOT responsible for returning money to you if you do not catch the mistake at time of payment. If time passes and then you call us and we can easily figure out that you were correct then we will be more than happy to give you the correct change. IF it cannot be determined easily that incorrect change was give for any reason we will not return any money. PLEASE CHECK when you receive change. Thank You.